some input

I am glad that this week, I will be taking in some good information from some great sources. I have the opportunity to be with some friends while we receive training. I’m grabbing it!

Three things will be happening on Monday and Tuesday:

I am meeting with the Fusion Leadership Group. We will discuss topics relevant to young pastors in Florida.

I will receive coaching from consultant, Conrad Lowe, along with with the Regional Bishops from Florida. This is a great opportunity for me to learn from a guy who has spoken into my life and ministry for several years now.

While driving, I will listen to Donald Miller‘s new book on CD: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.

Overall, I will invest about 20 hours of time over two days (sleep doesn’t count), and hopefully gain some life-changing knowledge.

If you have the responsibility of leading others, you had better be sure that you are following someone. This is necessary for everyone on any level of leadership. Let’s get growing!

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