the difference the sun makes

This morning feels way different from last night. We commemorated the crucifixion of Jesus in our Good Friday worship event last night. It was a highly emotional and introspective time of worship. All day, and for the past few days, I felt the spiritual repercussions of what Jesus went through in His final days. I realize that many people avoid dealing with the suffering of Christ. This is their loss for you cannot fully engage in resurrection if you have not experienced the tomb.

This morning feels different. I was up early, long before the sun. As it started to rise and the orange and pink streaks were painted across the eastern sky, I felt a lifting of my spirit. Although it is not yet Easter and, technically, our observation is that Jesus is still in His grave, the sun brings new life. I will not wait until Easter morning to celebrate the victory of Christ over death!

Tomorrow morning, Christ followers from all over the globe will gather to honor Jesus, the One who died and rose for us. It will be a true celebration!

Don’t wait for tomorrow. And please don’t end your celebration with the setting of the Easter sun. Jesus lives today, tomorrow and forever! And because He lives, we live. Let’s live lives of resurrection.

Easter blessings to all!

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