God heals

This picture is of me reading to Anggie, a precious little girl who lives at Casa Shalom orphanage in San Lucas, Guatemala. The picture was taken earlier this month by my daughter, Jessica, who works at the home. Although the picture looks like just a simple session of fun book reading, it represents so much more.

Anggie was abused prior to coming to Shalom. When she arrived, she was absolutely terrified of men – all men. She literally would cry when any man came into the same room with her. Details of the abuse are not known, but for sure, she was a hurting little girl and had zero trust for anyone who may harm her again.

After many months of prayer and gentle care, Anggie’s heart is healing. She is beginning to trust. She is starting to talk (she had been silent for the entire time she lived there), she is warming up to others. This reading session says a lot.

God heals broken spirits.

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