day 2

Today, our second day of visiting Haiti, was intense. We worked hard in the heat, putting up several large tents at churches and at a Bible school. This project allowed us to travel, riding in the back of a pickup truck, all over the city of Port au Prince and beyond. In fact, we drove within 30 miles of the Dominican Republic border.

The need of this nation is immense. Mile after mile of utter destruction. The news video from the January quake did not tell the story. And the people are literally all over the streets. Tent cities and homelessness are very common.

I remarked at one point, “I haven’t seen anyone smile.” There is so much sadness and anger. In fact, several young men yelled obscenities at us throughout the day. They weren’t angry at us, they just hate life, and with good cause.

I would describe Haiti as despairing. I sense much hopelessness. The need is overwhelming.

We all feel so insignificant, as though whatever we do, we will not begin to make a difference. But i know better. I know we are helping people. I believe we are making a difference, albeit small. And I cannot succumb to hopelessness.

God help Haiti!

2 Replies to “day 2”

  1. It's better to light one candle….It reminds me of Burundi and how important (crucial) it is to have someone trustworthy in country to carry on the work. Tom Moher

  2. I hope you share some contagious smiles. I believe those children will surely be impacted by your group being there as strangers – helping them and leaving with no expectations in return.God is good. you're planting seeds, and there is a lot of hope in that.

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