Haiti day 3

On day 3 of our visit to Haiti, we witnessed a great story. My buddies, David and Paul Weaver, who lead a church in Vero Beach, Florida, met up with the family of a guy (Walta) who is part of their local church back home. He immigrated from Haiti six years ago without his family and has not seen them since. The ladies in the picture are his wife and oldest daughter; the gentleman, his brother. David and Paul took video and photos of the family and emailed them to Walta, back in the States and talked on the phone while he viewed them. His family had traveled 3 hours one way in terrible conditions just for this meeting. He was overwhelmed with emotion during this personal connection with his family. It was an amazing moment. Not a dry eye in the place.

David and Paul said this experience was worth all of the effort and expense required for the trip.

Just another reason why we do this stuff.

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