passion misidentified

This week someone expressed concern that I may not be feeling well. Two other people said I looked tired. Here’s the thing: I feel great.

I have a little theory about what’s going on.

I can recall a lot of times in the past when I was especially passionate about a particular message I was delivering or a project in which I was involved. People asked me if I was mad at someone or if I needed a vacation. My strong feelings toward some topics can sometimes lead people to mistakenly think that I am angry or frustrated. That’s on me… I need to smile more.

I am just dialed in right now. Our recent name-change process at Cross Community Church has generated a lot of energy and passion. There are some aggressive decisions we are making and intense directions we are taking. New opportunities are being explored with a new sense of adventure. I’m realizing some awesome things we can get done with a lot of hard work and vision. We are watching a lot of puzzle pieces come into place. This is a great season and I love every second of it.

So relax, I’m not mad. I’m not tired. And while I’d like a vacation, I don’t need one.

It’s nothin’ but a little thing called passion. And there’s more where that came from. But I will try to smile more. 🙂

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