Jesus is _____.

Richard Whitter, our Missional Pastor at Cross Community, is dealing with an interesting topic tomorrow. He will basically be asking the question, “who is Christ to you?”

You’ve got to answer that.

I suppose any effort to define or categorize God is futile and somewhat arrogant. The greatest presumption is to know everything about Jesus. Much damage has been done by those who assume that Jesus is exactly what they want him to be. Most of us assume that God always agrees with us and is always on our side. Let’s humble down and know this about Christ: He can never be fully understood, contained or manipulated. But He can be experienced.

The clip below can’t be used in a worship service because it is offensive – but it makes a great point. Jesus is not whoever you want Him to be. He is God, don’t mess with that.

Check out for more details.

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