what I learned about church during our crisis

When we were in the heat of the fight for the lives of our daughter and granddaughter last week, I came to some fresh realizations and appreciations about my relationship with the church of Christ. When we were told by the doctor that the health of the baby was compromised and that Jessica was in great danger, I did not have time to make the decision to become a part of a church. There was no chance to introduce myself and get to know a pastor. I had to act fast.

All I knew is that we were in trouble and we needed people to pray for us. So I sent out a text to some close friends.

Here is what  I texted:

Jessica is having an emergency C Section at 34 weeks. Thank God they are here visiting us. Thx for praying!

We put basically the same thing on facebook. That’s all it took, the news spread. Upon receiving my text, people started praying. Our church and churches all over got the word. People prayed and it worked. We got our miracle!

Here are some things I realized – reasons why I am very glad to be an active and involved part of the body of Christ:

I am known: I don’t have to introduce myself when crisis strikes – they already know me and I know them.

I am trusted: people offer help when I haven’t even asked.

I am covered: God tells others to pray for me even when they don’t know details.

I am supported: my relationship carries us into the future.

I am never alone: they are there for me.

I am needed: people count on me when they need help.

On a regular basis, I am contacted by people who are in serious need but I don’t know them. They are not part of our church. I have no relationship with them and therefore have no clue of what is best.  Of course I can pray for a stranger. But it is very much different when I am in close relationship with someone who is a part of my faith family.

It is heartbreaking to try to help someone who is a total stranger. It is especially tough when they are in crisis and they are talking, desperately, to a stranger.

Here’s the big idea: don’t wait until you’re in crisis before you become a part of a church. If you do, they will not be able to help you to the extent that you need.

I need my church family! And so do you.

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