i challenge you

Depending on your personality, you may bristle at those words, you may get excited by them or you may just ignore them. But I am calling everyone I know to a 90 day journey that will result in a closer walk with God. If you are brave enough, you will accept the challenge.

Tomorrow marks the kickoff of E90, our 90 day plan to experience exponential spiritual growth. I, along with over 250 other people are making commitments in areas of prayer/Bible reading, attendance at worship events, small groups, tithing, serving …

You don’t have to be involved at our church to be participate. You just have to want to grow.

I am genuinely excited about this process both for myself personally and for the people who are participating. Traditionally, Summer has been a counter-productive season for most people. The mentality has been driven by relaxation. The result has been spiritual stagnation and backsliding. Not this year!

It is not too late for you to jump in. Check out the details on our website. Take a look and sign up.

I am challenging you. Are you up for it?

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