one word

Recently, I put out a simple request to facebook and Twitter friends, asking them to describe themselves in one word.

I got some great answers:

Caryn said “awed”
Lorie said “animated”
Jeff said “torn”
Jose said “hopeful”
Kathy said “prodigious”
Valerie said “smily”
Eddie said “meticulous”
and Rebecca said “pensive”.

I find these descriptions to be thought provoking and insightful. Knowing what a few of my friends are going through makes my understanding of their word make sense. Not knowing the backstory for others makes me curious. But thanks very much to everyone who responded.

One of the things that disturbs me about myself is how often my one word description of myself changes. My one word adjusts, depending on the day, the mood I’m in, how I am being treated and what’s happening in my world.

I would like to be more consistent, steady. In fact there are days that I would use one of those words as my “one word”. But the truth is, some days I am “fluid”. Then there are the “frustrated”, “impatient” and “worried” days. Since I am a pastor, I supposed “prayerful”, “faithful” or some other “ful” spiritual word would be best. Honestly, today, I think my word is “apprehensive”. I’ll have to work on that. Maybe tomorrow I will be “grateful” or “godly” or “righteous”. 🙂

Here’s a good one for us to ponder regarding one-word descriptions:
How about God: what one word best describes Him?
Let’s kick that around…

Because bottom line is, we all have a ton to learn from Him!

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