3 reasons to stop complaining about Christmas in October

It started about 3 weeks ago. I heard friends comment about how early the Christmas decorations were going up in the local retail warehouse store.  I have read some facebook posts about how disgusted some were with the premature push for people to start spending money on Christmas gifts.

While most would agree that the commercialization of Christmas has gotten put of control, I have another take on the issue.

Consider this:

  • Whether they realize it or not every person who, in any way, recognizes the holiday, recognizes Jesus. Every light that is illuminated, every gift that is purchased and every Christmas carol that is sung is done in honor of Jesus. Had He not been born, none of this would be happening.  While they may not even mention Him, they can never remove Him from the holiday!
  • We live in a nation that still tolerates Christianity. It may not always be this way. In some nations, it has never been this way. Even though it sometimes gets abused, we should appreciate the freedom we have to celebrate Jesus. I love it when I hear music that praises Jesus in major retail stores!
  • Early holiday emphasis is your chance to become fully prepared for a meaningful observation and celebration. Use all the hype to get yourself ready for the best Christmas of your life. It will be the best if you really put Jesus first. You can’t wait until December 25th to do that.

So don’t complain if you see Santa at the mall this weekend. Instead, do your best to focus on Jesus and start pointing others His direction also.

By the way, only 55 shopping days left!

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