why I won’t preach politics

President Obama really ticked off a bunch of my friends yesterday. When he issued his “evolution” statement on the topic of gay marriage, most conservatives in the US went ballistic.

For the record, I am prolife. Very prolife! I believe in the sanctity of marriage, that God provides this gift for men and women to live together under His blessing. I believe that homosexuality is a sin. I believe that those who live together outside of marriage are fornicators. Let’s see, whom have I not yet offended?

And for the record, I preach these things from the Word of God, often. In fact, just last Sunday, prior to the President’s announcement, I preached from I Corinthians 6:9-11 which tell us that those who indulge in sexual sins and are homosexual will not inherit God’s Kingdom. You just can’t change the meaning of those verses. But I am not preaching politics. I am preaching the Gospel.  But I sincerely try to preach the truth with humility, in love, seasoned with grace.

On many occasions, I receive emails from friends in our church who want me to preach about politics. Through the years, I have heard it all. “How will they know who to vote for if you don’t tell them?”. “People don’t have the right values, you need to preach about how this particular politician is against the Bible”. And so on.

Here is my position: I am not called by God to preach politics. I am called by God to preach the Gospel – His Word. I do not believe that the problem in our country is politics. I believe the problem is, people are ignoring God’s Word. The answer is not for preachers to preach about politics. The answer is for preachers to preach the Bible. Politics never saved a soul. The cross of Jesus saves everyone who is saved. Preach the Good News of Jesus!

Here is the greatest reason why preaching the Bible is better than preaching politics:

The Bible never changes – it is true for all people at all times. Politics change. There is no hope in politics. Jesus is hope!

I believe our country is in deep trouble and headed the wrong way. I am in deep disagreement with many of our leaders. I think the president is wrong. But I am not planning to give these misguided politicians my valuable preaching time.

The Gospel is the Truth!

The Truth will set you free!

Jesus is the Truth!

Let’s just preach Jesus.

5 Replies to “why I won’t preach politics”

  1. I love this!. I sometimes feel that politics give people a reason to argue with one another. It steals away the peace and keeps us from living in harmony with one another. We keep our eyes focused on the way our country is headed instead of our eyes fixed on God and who he is and forget that he is the one who can really “change” anything. If people keep relying on a president to create change than they are in for a rude awakening! Thank you for this!

  2. My pastor preached polotics this sunday. My parents had come to see me get baptized. First time they have been to this church I have been raving about for 10 months. My father left the services a very angry man. My mom was not really happy.Dad heard some political views preached that were different than his and he was just sitting in the pew seathing with anger and ready for it all to be over. If your saved your going to vote for a moral president and your going agree with the LORD and be against sin. If your not saved you don’t need politicts preached at you. You need the gospel.PASTORS!! Preach the book! Preach against sin! Preach against abortion! Preach against homosexuality! Preach against all ungodliness and convict them hearts! Preach the death, burial and reseruction and the free gift of salvation available to us through our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ! Then folks will get saved and you can teach your flock to love the book. Then when they read the book , maybe then they will even decide to change who they vote for because of it. My dad left and didn’t hear the Gospel message because he was blinded by the political one. I bet the advisary was happy this Sunday, that my dad couldn’t hear. Now my parents are upset with me for going to this church. I love the church, but I did not love that sermon. One sermon will not make me leave. And I have a totally forgiving heart to my pastor. OK I am done now. I am gonna go pray for my pastor now, and ask GOD to help me deal with my parents with grace.

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