the eyes of dying saints

I’m not being morbid today. I am simply stricken by the profundity of communication that can happen when you look at a person who is dying – IF they know they are headed to heaven once the death process is complete. As a pastor, I have had this experience several times. I sit at their bedside and talk. Sometimes it is a bit awkward. Sometimes small talk just seems empty. There is almost a point when eternity comes up.

But beyond the conversation, there is a look, eye to eye. They don’t look away. They won’t break eye contact. I usually do that because I am uncomfortable, I am not accustomed to such an intense look. It’s as though they are thinking deep heavenly thoughts, and it cuts right through you.

I saw that look in my mother’s eyes yesterday. She will soon be leaving this world. Her look was intense, more intense than any other time I remember in my life.

My Mom has no fear. She is a dying saint.

4 Replies to “the eyes of dying saints”

  1. I feel exactly the same about my grandmother, except I pray that God takes her. She is in so much pain and everyone that cares for her too.

  2. Pastor Rick, I’ve seen that. My Grandmother was perhaps the Godliest woman I’ve ever known and the last three words I heard her say on this planet were Jesus, Jesus, Jesus as she looked intently into His eyes.

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